Thursday, September 16, 2010

BYU vs Florida State Preview

BYU heads to Tallahassee, Florida on Saturday to face the Seminoles in their second of two game series agreement.  Last year, FSU marched into Provo and quickly put hopes of BYU BCS busting year to an end as

The Seminoles went on to beat BYU 54 to 28.

Bronco Mendenhall admits that he believe he "underestimated" FSU and their athleticism as well as underestimated quarterback Christian Ponder's ability to scramble for first downs.  It was clear that BYU was still on their Oklahoma victory honeymoon and failed to make the proper preparations.

Bronco said that mistake would not be made again this year.

Both BYU and FSU are coming off disappointing losses as FSU was routed by home team Oklahoma and BYU got smashed by Air Force.  Both schools are hoping to come off the losses and learn to adjust and move forward.  Of course, one of the schools will be frustrated with a second straight loss, which Vegas says will be BYU, being 10 point underdogs.

FSU comes in with their new head coach, Jimbo Fisher, who says that preparing for BYU's two quarterback system adds some complexity to preparing and is more "time consuming."  Riley Nelson will take the first snap, however, Bronco also said that this will not determine who gets the most snaps of the game.  The game plan going forward is that the two quarterbacks will be used in "situational" elements that play to their strengths.  Beyond that, Bronco has not issued any other information about their strategy.

Of course most of Cougar faithful are hoping to see more of Jake Heaps play on Saturday, as he was benched the entire second half of the Air Force game after throwing an interception.  However, Oklahoma was able to launch a pretty strong offensive strike on FSU and most of that was done through the air.  Considering that this is Heaps' strength, I expect to see much more playing time for the Freshman this week.

Bronco continues to reinforce his belief of "protecting" Heaps by limiting his minutes until he feels that he is fully "ready" to be the full time quarterback.  After last week's game, my guess is that we are only a few games away from that.


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