Monday, September 20, 2010

Bronco's Monday Media Report

Bronco Mendenhall met with reporters on Monday to discuss upcoming news about the team.  Of course, as has been the case this year, many questions revolved around what is next for the quarterback situation.  Bronco said that he was "not ready" to announce who would be starting this week against Nevada, but that he wanted to discuss more with his coaching staff and discuss with his players first before announcing it to the media.  He did say that he should have an answer for media by Wednesday, which is the last day they get of Bronco before Saturday.

When asked why he felt there was such an issue with protection in regards to the amount of sacks FSU was able to get he said that much of the sacks resulted from the quarterback not getting rid of the ball quickly enough.  When asked if the receivers were open, he did say that the receivers were having a tough game getting open, hence the longer hold time for the quarterback.

Heaps did definitely "hold on" to the ball longer, but he also did receive quick pressure from defensive rushers on several occasions.  The offensive line was clearly not on target, which may have resulted from two offensive lineman getting hurt and returning the same game.  From watching the game, it was clear that FSU's aggressive, "twisting" defensive moves were much to aggressive for our offensive line.  Considering the experience of BYU's offensive line, I do not expect to see this continue.

In regards to depth chart changes, Bronco said that you probably see less players play during games now.  He said that he would like to see starting players get more practice reps in practice, which will most likely result in more playing time for the starters and less shuffling like we have seen the first three games.

Most likely we will have an idea who will be starting quarterback this week as Bronco intends to make that decision early and reflect it in practice reps for this week.  Whoever is named the starter has their work cut out for them.  If Nevada plans to keep its current trend, BYU will have to put a lot of points up on the board.


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