Thursday, September 16, 2010

BYU Quarterback Equation

I have always been good at math and enjoy the simplicity that equations can bring to solving problems (that may sound like an oxymoron).  Currently, Bronco Mendenhall has chosen to enforce the very unpopular decision to start and play two quarterbacks as he continues to "wait" for one to emerge as the starting quarterback.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that two quarterbacks is a very tough job to manage and has had very little success in times past.  With that being said, Bronco seems to think he can defy the odds.

Jake Heaps and Riley Nelson.  You could not have two completely different quarterbacks, which is also why managing these two together becomes incredibly difficult.  Lets break down the two quarterbacks, discussing their individual "variables" for their equation, and which looks to be the solution for BYU.

Riley Nelson
[ Older, more college experience, stronger running abilities, stronger leader, "gritty"]

Jake Heaps
[Pure talent, stronger arm, more precise accuracy, better spiral, quicker reads, better field vision, high qb IQ]

When evaluating BYU's history of success, the equation would much look like this:

Pass heavy offense + Reliable defense + Very capable throwing qb + moderate running compliment game=Success

Already, I am seeing that the variables of Jake Heaps match up with the history of success of BYU.  There is no doubt that Heaps possesses the skills of your typical BYU quarter back, however, Nelson has shown Bronco other "intangibles" which has kept him still in the running.  From experience, Bronco's equation of starters looks like this:

Mature player + Leader + Hard worker + Off the field workmanship + Moderate Skill level = BYU Starter.

As you can see, Bronco's equation lines up more with Nelson's variables which is most likely why he continues to take the first snap and play.  Bronco has not been in a lot of positions where he has had a freshman with as much skill level as Heaps, competing with someone who possesses his favorable traits.

No doubt it is hard to have to tell Nelson that he will finish off his college career as a backup to a Freshman, but eventually that will be the decision.  Barring an injury of some type, there is just no way that Nelson could beat out Heaps to a starting position for two years.  It is only a matter of time until Bronco makes some changes to his equation, which will hopefully in turn bring about more success. 


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